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As a long-standing commercial paving and construction contractor in New Jersey and New York, we know that image is everything in a business. The condition of your parking lot or driveway is a good indicator of the state of your business. If your parking lot or driveway is full of unsightly cracks and potholes, then your customers and other stakeholders will not feel comfortable doing business with you. A well paved driveway and parking lot shows your customers that you care about their safety and that you want to protect their vehicles from damage when they visit your premises.

Reliable Paving & Construction will work closely with you to maximize your space and to make sure that the design of your driveway and parking lot compliment your building design. We create pavements that last and customer satisfaction is our highest priority. That is why most of our commercial paving customers have been with us for over 25 years. They keep coming back because they know we are reliable and we deliver high quality finished work.

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Commercial Paving

One risk factors for accidents are unpaved roads. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, unpaved roads accounted for 2 to 20 percent of fatalities in the US in 2012. This shows the importance of commercial paving, particularly for the safety of drivers on highways. However, aside from travelers’ safety, commercial paving is also essential for business owners. For instance, the state of a business can be affected by the condition of its parking lot maintenance and driveway. 


Customers may feel uncomfortable if the parking lot or driveway is full of bumps and cracks, which can destroy their vehicles. A perfectly maintained parking lot and driveway show a lot about a business. Start monitoring and repairing your commercial surfaces through a commercial paving project to achieve driveway and parking lot maintenance.

Commercial Paving Options and Services

Every business owner or manager is responsible for monitoring every structure around their buildings. This includes keeping the parking lot, walkways, and driveways in shape. To achieve this, there are a wide variety of available paving techniques. Here are some commercial paving options and services that can help maintain business spaces. 

Installation and Replacement

It is essential to know the right timing and the right reasons when constructing and replacing paved surfaces. Expanding one’s business means adding up new parking lots and driveways. On the other hand, newly built buildings call for the construction of paved surfaces as well.  

Preventative Maintenance

Every construction project requires consistent maintenance. To keep parking lots and driveways in their best condition, they must undergo specific maintenance requirements like pavement and asphalt repairs. However, aside from the surfaces, it is also essential to maintain the drainage systems. 


If a business has been in the same building for a long time now,  its paved surfaces need some special attention from professionals. A resurfacing project is a road maintenance technique that adds a new layer of asphalt over a previously paved road surface.

Green Asphalt Solutions

Observe how most surfaces, including roadways, parking lots, and curbs, are covered with asphalt. This is because asphalt can be used in various applications due to its versatility. When in search of paving solutions that do not cause too much hassle for the environment, then one sustainable solution for commercial asphalt paving projects is green asphalt paving. 


While traditional asphalt or concrete pavements causes water runoff from roadways to streams and rivers with gasoline and other hazardous liquids, green paving solutions reduce the chances of water contamination as it absorbs liquids, unlike the different common types. 

Benefits of Green Asphalt Solutions

Different paved surfaces undergo different paving procedures. Some other options are concrete paving and interlock paving. However, green asphalt solution comes with its advantages. Here are some reasons why green asphalt is an excellent option if you wish to pave or repave your parking lot or driveway. 


According to the National Asphalt Pavement Association, Asphalt is one of America’s most recycled materials. Most asphalt mixtures used in paving are reused, making green asphalt pavements eco-friendly. For environmentally-conscious business owners who are looking for sustainable alternatives, green asphalt paving is the answer. 

Extremely Durable

One thing about asphalt is that it is meant to last for a long time. When laid properly, asphalt can withstand all sorts of heavy traffic without cracks due to its durability and sturdiness. This is why it is a well-known alternative for concrete and interlock paving. Aside from that, asphalt can also handle temperature fluctuations, unlike concrete.


Due to its durability, building asphalt driveway costs lesser compared to others. It also requires minimal labor hence reducing installation costs. When looking for quality paving without breaking the bank, it is great to consider using asphalt as paving material.

Flexible in Installation

Installing asphalt is a lot easier as it can be shaped in whatever form. Unlike other paving materials like concrete and interlock, this material can be molded in any shape because it is not fully solid. It is the best material to use for ramps in your driveway or even on the uphill part of the surface. 

Low Maintenance

As established earlier, construction projects are intertwined with maintenance which sometimes can be very costly. That is why asphalt is the best choice because asphalt deterioration happens slower than expected. With its durability feature, asphalt structures need little maintenance. 

Improve Surface Safety

Providing a safe environment is vital for consumers, especially in commercial places. Using asphalt in commercial paving is beneficial since it reduces the risk of falls and slips and improves skid resistance. Ensure the safety of surfaces with asphalt commercial paving. 

Boost Property Value

A well-maintained commercial property gives off a good impression to people. Especially when you are in the hospitality industry or planning to sell a property, improving surfaces around your building increases customer satisfaction, thus boosting the property’s value.

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