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Sidewalks and Concrete

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Sidewalks provide safe pathways and connections between neighborhoods. In most areas, sidewalks are made of concrete which is known as a stronger building material compared to other common types. In fact, this material has been used in constructing some of the longest-lasting motorways, airports, roadways, and other paved structures.

For the longest time, we have been an industry leader in performing masonry services and paving services all over New Jersey. We conduct the best concrete construction projects through top-grade building materials that can last long with quality workmanship. Whether you plan walkway installation or parking lot repair in your area, we provide the best masonry construction and paving services in town. Aside from this, we are known to specialize in repairing and building sidewalks for homes or commercial buildings using affordable yet sturdy concrete.

Benefits of Installing Concrete Sidewalks

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Concrete sidewalks have a wide range of benefits due to their functionality and quality. Installing sidewalks or walkways in your neighborhood motivates people to take more walks as exercise. A property with a sidewalk around its area also increases appeal and value. Moreover, it is also beneficial for commercial property owners as it can improve business operations.

Aside from these, concrete sidewalks provide safety with their non-slip surface compared to those built with natural stones. It is also expected to withstand fluctuating weather conditions. Lastly, sidewalks made of concrete are durable, low maintenance, and cost-efficient.

Important Elements for the Best Concrete Sidewalks

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If properly maintained and installed, concrete sidewalks can last for a long period of time. In fact, sidewalks made of concrete can last 80 years. However, once neglected, these structures may be broken into hazardous slabs. To prevent this, here are some important factors when installing concrete sidewalks.

Surrounding Area and Solid Base

When constructing sidewalks, it is crucial to evaluate the surrounding area and soil quality to avoid trip hazards. The presence of trees could severely damage the concrete slabs because of the roots. For your next building projects, make sure to maintain a distance between large plants and the sidewalk. In addition, a well-drained base and good soil condition are also vital in avoiding cracks.

Good Compaction

Soil compaction is an essential step in the construction process. It is the process of pressing soil particles together while removing air and increasing soil density. This provides a solid working canvas and prevents construction failure. Good compaction for your sidewalk construction help avoid cracks and damage on the concrete sidewalk.

Standard Thickness

When constructing a sidewalk, it is essential to consider the expected loading, soil conditions, and local policies. In the United States, the Federal Highway Administration recommends a minimum of 4 inches in thickness.

Contraction Joints

Contraction joints are formed grooved in concrete structures that regulate the location of cracks generated by contractions in the concrete. They also help in limiting cracks to straight breaks rather than spiderweb patterns.

Curb Ramp

Another requirement when installing sidewalks is a curb ramp that provides access from the sidewalk to the roadway, especially for those in wheelchairs, walkers and hand carts. As mandated by authorities, curb ramps must also be installed in intersections and midblock locations for pedestrian crossing access. Lastly, these structures serve as a guide for visually impaired individuals.

Reputable Concrete Contractor

With all of the mentioned factors, one of the most important is to hire trusted concrete contractors to superhead your sidewalk construction project. Reliable Paving specializes in the construction of sidewalks that are functional and long-lasting. We take pride in providing reliable masonry services and paving services through our skilled contractors to fulfill our client’s requirements.

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There are many benefits to installing sidewalks built using concrete material. When constructed well, it becomes a long-lasting and durable structure that most people can benefit from. Aside from its functionality, ensuring its quality through exceptional paving and masonry construction is key for every residential and commercial project.

Composed of enthusiastic experts adept in handling construction processes, Reliable Paving is committed to assisting you with masonry and paving repairs, installation, and restoration. Whether it’s a new sidewalk or driveway, we are reliable partners ready to build the best for you. We make sure to perform quality services while also valuing your safety and budget. Check out our works and contact Reliable Paving for free estimates for your masonry and paving project today!


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