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Building a new stoop for your house could mean a major increase in its value if you should ever decide to sell your home. However, we are also masonry masters when it comes to stoop repair, redesign and resurface. Reliable Paving can not only design a new stoop for your home, but we are also skilled in repairing, enlarging or resurfacing the stoop that you already have, which is also a great way to increase the curb appeal and value of your home. When Reliable take’s on a stoop repair, enlargement or resurfacing job, we take many things into consideration including appeal, safety, and timing. We take proper care of your stoop job by using the most up to date technologies available for masonry work, while also working with traditional materials such as brick, stone veneer, stucco, bluestone, sandstone, cement and more. Whatever style of stoop you have or want we can repair it or rebuild it.

One of the many qualities that Reliable Paving provides to our Central New Jersey customers is customization. We work timely, but do not rush, in order to create or redesign the stoop you have in mind. Taking things into consideration like drop off heights, or riser heights from your porch, will make for a unique and attractive stoop for your home’s exterior. Safety is also a top concern for us when we begin work on your new stoop. We will never build anything that might put you or your family at risk. We also provide railings if you need it.


Whatever the size of the project, our team is experienced in handling it.

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