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Belgian block curbing, also known as cobblestones, is a popular choice for adding a rustic touch to driveways in New Jersey, appreciated by homeowners for more than a century. Belgian block curbing is specifically used on the outer edges of driveways and adds aesthetic appeal to the surroundings.

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What is Belgium Block Curbing

  • Belgian Block curbing adds upscale appearance and durability to landscaping.
  • Commonly used for edging driveways and landscape borders.
  • Provides both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.
  • Available in different sizes and materials like granite.
  • Considered expensive to install but offers long-term benefits.
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Belgium Block Curbing

Belgium block curbing offers several advantages. It enhances the visual appeal of landscapes, adds definition to outdoor spaces, and provides a barrier for containing gravel or other materials within driveways or walkways.

Common in New Jersey: Belgian block curbing has become particularly widespread in New Jersey, where it is often used on the streets. The use of these blocks in the region can be attributed to historical factors and the availability of local materials.

Belgium block curbing offers versatility in design. It can be arranged in various patterns, including straight lines, curves, or radius designs, for a unique appearance. It can also be combined with other materials like asphalt or concrete for different effects

Whether to install Belgian block curbing depends on personal preferences, budget, and the desired look for your landscape. Some find the rustic charm of these blocks appealing, while others may prefer alternative curb materials for a more modern or uniform style

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