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There are a few eco-friendly ways to make your asphalt repaving green. One option is to use permeable pavers, which require no concrete or asphalt and use far less material than traditional asphalt paving solutions. Another option is to use recycled asphalt pavement (RAP), which is made from post-consumer asphalt and has a lower carbon footprint than new asphalt paving solutions.
The future of paving seems to be heading in a more sustainable direction, with eco-friendly solutions becoming increasingly popular. The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) is a leader in the use of RAP, incorporating recycled content into their street resurfacing projects. This not only saves on new material but also reduces the cost of construction.

Green Eco-friendly Asphalt Solution

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It's worth noting that asphalt is not as bad for the environment as it is commonly perceived. In fact, it is 100% reusable and recycled at a higher rate than any other material in America. Green Asphalt, a New York City based company, is a 100% recycled asphalt manufacturer that focuses on sustainability. More than 80%, 73 million tons — of the reclaimed asphalt pavement removed each year during widening and resurfacing projects is reused in pavement, according to the Federal Highway Administration. That’s substantially higher than the percentages for recycled newspaper, glass, plastic, and aluminum cans and magazines.

Whether you use permeable pavers or recycled asphalt pavement, the future of paving is heading towards sustainability and a reduction in carbon emissions. So the next time you need your asphalt repaired or repaved, consider the eco-friendly options available to you.

 Asphalt is 100 percent reusable and recycled
at a higher rate than any other material in America

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